You seen those signs. Half-garage sale, half-estate sale. Maybe a green neon sign on paperboard tacked on a telephone pole. Or maybe its a small sign along the side of the road and you are not sure where the road or the possible sale may lead. (These are not always bad, as you may find an antique gem, in the least suspecting place.) Maybe its a sign that looks more like a sign you see on a kid's lemonade stand. A furniture sale sign sometimes is all that is needed to get the heart pumping. It may prompt you to think twice, but it also may prompt you to hit a deal on the way home, hopefully clearance, at an excellent price, to surprise your family. Furniture sale. Just two words is sometimes all it takes.

You've heard those announcers announcing furniture sales. Thirty percent off. No payments for 6 months. 10% off of the 30. Another 5% off the 10. You start to wonder where furniture is that does not need heavy advertising.

Furniture sale. It can be like a mid-way hawker or it can be like a radio commercial prompting you to try one more lazy Saturday afternoon to fight the crowds at the mall or find a place.  Whatever type of furniture sale it happens to be, there is that chance that you may find that one great find. So a furniture sale is more than just a gimmick, it is an institution.

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