Furniture Legs

When a fine piece of leather or upholstered furniture gets inspected, one of the last things that are noticed are the legs of the piece. Furniture legs are one of the most important elements of furniture design, but one of the most underrated, or overlooked by the shopping customer. Not only do furniture legs add character to the piece through the decoration that most of them receive, but they are the foundational parts that add stability, the ability to move, and what determines heigth. The design of a chair for instance requires that chairs have stretchers. Stretchers are those bracing bars, that can be decorated as well as the furniture, that stretch across and connect to the other legs of the chair or stool. Because chair legs are designed differently with different styles, stretchers have traditionally been most required. The support of humans  is of great importance, as chairs need to withstand the many different sizes of people that sit on them. Some furniture pieces have casters on them. Casters are the metal attachment to the furniture that houses wheels, if the furniture is moveable.

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