Flexsteel Leather Color Options Add A Bit Of Dash When Shopping For Fashionable Furniture

Frequently, when considering the color of a  leather upholstered piece of furniture, black and brown may be what the floor model is showing, and what comes immediately to mind. It seems that showroom floors have trained us to think that these are the primary colors available from the manufacturer. Sometimes the color options are indeed limited to two or three options.
With a wider choice color spectrum, the order turns into a special order. This affects the length of time of the order. When ordering Flexsteel color options, the special order takes 10-12 weeks for delivery.
But having the color of your choice on your furniture may be worth the wait. Otherwise, if the color is in stock, normally one color, the order can be placed with the regular ordering time.
The 16 colors that Flexsteel makes available are:
Light gray
Cobalt blue
Wedgwood blue
Saddle brown
Dark brown
Envision and apply these colors to fashionable models such as the tango, the foxtrot, the cakewalk, the jitterbug, the boogie woogie, and the samba.
When reading a display card or tear sheet in the store, know the difference between some color being shown in a certain color and a color being actually stocked in a color. There is a difference. The first is a special order. The second is a regular order. Both of these have different delivery times.
Some practical illustrations of a Flexsteel furniture models available in 16 colors are a sofa, a recliner, a love seat, a swivel glider, a chair and ottoman, and a swivel chair.
Let's look at at typical number that would be attached when selecting such furniture.
1711-014-52            The 1711 refers to the model # (which has names like samba, foxtrot, etc..   The 014-52 refers to the Flexsteel Latitudes Collection color #.
These are examples of other color numbers attached to models:
1705-014-81   foxtrot in camel leather
1695-014-21 foxtrot in kiwi leather
1709-014-02 jitterbug in charcoal leather
1720-014-86 boogie woogie in stone leather
1752c-014-64 samba in tomato leather

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