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  • Best Priced Living Room and Furniture Suites in Chicago

    Making a living room more live-able and inviting has never been easier if you live in Chicago. Visit Cheny Furniture to find the best priced living room and furniture suites in Chicago.

    Shopping for living room furniture is not easy. Maybe you have been looking in the wrong place when looking for the best priced living room and furniture suites in Chicago. Well, look no further. Cheny Furniture, just outside Chicago, has living room and furniture suites that fit any budget or any requirement. You may have found the perfect living room or furniture suite while shopping in Chicago or online, but are you absolutely sure you are getting the best price for it?

    There is another option in Chicago for finding the best priced living room and furniture suites. Cheny Furniture in Libertyville, Illinois, in business since 2008, can be your one-stop shop for furniture for your living room at prices that are too low to advertise in some cases. When looking far and wide for the best priced living room and furniture suites, make Cheny your next stop. At Cheny Furniture,  we want to be your Chicago-area solution for high quality name brands at the best prices.

    A living room is meant to be the central place for living. It is not meant to be the last room chosen for living. Some living rooms look less like a living room and more like a museum, where living has not occurred. Other times a living room looks like a zoo, where too much living has occurred. But paying the highest price, instead of the best price, will not ensure you are satisfied with shopping for and financing your next living room and furniture purchase.

    Yes, you want your living room to meet the requirements of creature comforts, but you also want it at the best price.

    Cheny Furniture has a wide selection of living room sets and living room ideas. Located close to Chicago in Libertyville, Illinois, Cheny has become a living room expert and one of the first places people in the Chicago-area think to go to when considering or buying a new living room. Let Cheny Furniture introduce you to vibrant living room options and a wide selection of colors and patterns that will bring fresh tonalities to your living room. Living rooms need not be stale, overused rooms in the house. They can be lively centers of the house in which living really occurs and memories are made.

    Cheny Furniture can bring fresh ideas or timely updates to your living room plans. With all of the top lines, such as Aspenhome, ACME, Coaster, Liberty Furniture, and Home Elegance, Cheny Furniture, has become known as Chicago's best price furniture store. Living rooms are not excluded from these best prices.

    When was the last you entered your living room, and it looked more like a war-zone than a living room? Have you ever been in other living rooms and wondered if any living in them is allowed? Living rooms, after all, are meant for living. A lived-in look to a living room may be what you want. But there are ways to spice up your living room too.

    At Cheny Furniture, the Collections have been designed for the living room and all activities related to the living room. With the sectional, you get a fully-configured set that can fit in any living room.

    Other Cheny Furniture pieces are living-room friendly. From book-shelves to framed paintings to decorative screens to uniquely designed lamps to individual ottomans with storage to two-toned 4 glass or paneled coffee tables, you can a wide range of pieces at a low price to enhance your living room and enhance your living.

    If making room in your living room is a concern for you, discover Cheny Furniture's many creative pieces that will conserve space and provide the ability for configuring your Chicago living room in new and various ways.

    Living rooms are not meant to feel confining. Having the ability to move things around in the living room is what a lot of customers at Cheny Furniture look for. There are many pieces at Cheny that are light and easy to move into and out of the living room when other living needs to take place. With a blend of functionality, durability, and comfort, the living room sets at Cheny Furniture are sets that you can immediately envision in your living room.

    AICO and Lane, two other top-line manufacturers carried by Cheny Furniture, provide power, gliding, reclining, chaise, leather and fabric upholstery options that will bring your living room to new design levels and create a personalized style you can call your very own.

    So when searching and shopping for the best priced living room and furniture suites in Chicago, make your first stop, Cheny Furniture, conveniently located near the I-94 expressway, just 90 minutes from the heart of Chicago.

  • Flexsteel Leather Color Options Add A Bit Of Dash When Shopping For Fashionable Furniture

    Frequently, when considering the color of a  leather upholstered piece of furniture, black and brown may be what the floor model is showing, and what comes immediately to mind. It seems that showroom floors have trained us to think that these are the primary colors available from the manufacturer. Sometimes the color options are indeed limited to two or three options.
    With a wider choice color spectrum, the order turns into a special order. This affects the length of time of the order. When ordering Flexsteel color options, the special order takes 10-12 weeks for delivery.
    But having the color of your choice on your furniture may be worth the wait. Otherwise, if the color is in stock, normally one color, the order can be placed with the regular ordering time.
    The 16 colors that Flexsteel makes available are:
    Light gray
    Cobalt blue
    Wedgwood blue
    Saddle brown
    Dark brown
    Envision and apply these colors to fashionable models such as the tango, the foxtrot, the cakewalk, the jitterbug, the boogie woogie, and the samba.
    When reading a display card or tear sheet in the store, know the difference between some color being shown in a certain color and a color being actually stocked in a color. There is a difference. The first is a special order. The second is a regular order. Both of these have different delivery times.
    Some practical illustrations of a Flexsteel furniture models available in 16 colors are a sofa, a recliner, a love seat, a swivel glider, a chair and ottoman, and a swivel chair.
    Let's look at at typical number that would be attached when selecting such furniture.
    1711-014-52            The 1711 refers to the model # (which has names like samba, foxtrot, etc..   The 014-52 refers to the Flexsteel Latitudes Collection color #.
    These are examples of other color numbers attached to models:
    1705-014-81   foxtrot in camel leather
    1695-014-21 foxtrot in kiwi leather
    1709-014-02 jitterbug in charcoal leather
    1720-014-86 boogie woogie in stone leather
    1752c-014-64 samba in tomato leather

  • Furniture Legs

    When a fine piece of leather or upholstered furniture gets inspected, one of the last things that are noticed are the legs of the piece. Furniture legs are one of the most important elements of furniture design, but one of the most underrated, or overlooked by the shopping customer. Not only do furniture legs add character to the piece through the decoration that most of them receive, but they are the foundational parts that add stability, the ability to move, and what determines heigth. The design of a chair for instance requires that chairs have stretchers. Stretchers are those bracing bars, that can be decorated as well as the furniture, that stretch across and connect to the other legs of the chair or stool. Because chair legs are designed differently with different styles, stretchers have traditionally been most required. The support of humans  is of great importance, as chairs need to withstand the many different sizes of people that sit on them. Some furniture pieces have casters on them. Casters are the metal attachment to the furniture that houses wheels, if the furniture is moveable.


    You seen those signs. Half-garage sale, half-estate sale. Maybe a green neon sign on paperboard tacked on a telephone pole. Or maybe its a small sign along the side of the road and you are not sure where the road or the possible sale may lead. (These are not always bad, as you may find an antique gem, in the least suspecting place.) Maybe its a sign that looks more like a sign you see on a kid's lemonade stand. A furniture sale sign sometimes is all that is needed to get the heart pumping. It may prompt you to think twice, but it also may prompt you to hit a deal on the way home, hopefully clearance, at an excellent price, to surprise your family. Furniture sale. Just two words is sometimes all it takes.

    You've heard those announcers announcing furniture sales. Thirty percent off. No payments for 6 months. 10% off of the 30. Another 5% off the 10. You start to wonder where furniture is that does not need heavy advertising.

    Furniture sale. It can be like a mid-way hawker or it can be like a radio commercial prompting you to try one more lazy Saturday afternoon to fight the crowds at the mall or find a place.  Whatever type of furniture sale it happens to be, there is that chance that you may find that one great find. So a furniture sale is more than just a gimmick, it is an institution.

  • AICO Oppulente Collection

    The Michael Amini Design Collection Group uses details to acquire the great results of his designs. The Oppulente Collection is no exception. This collection captures the cultural influence of the Spanish, Moorish, and Italian traditions. You will notice these details in the use of birchwood solids at its core, with two options for finishes, and veneers with options in mahogany, cherry, and burl veneers. Through the use of a variety supporting detail materials such as marble, leather, antique brass, metals, and glass, the Oppulente Collection does not miss a beat. The Sweet Siena finish option gives a glow to the finish which has a nice interplay in changing lighting situations and natural conditions.

    The hand-carving in the Oppulente Collection stands out on many of the pieces. The floral designs on the fabric match the leafy ornamentation of the hand-carved details. Enter the Old World with this cut-above Collection. Even the feather filled pillows and feather wrapped cushions add to the visual layers with their thick design work. The collection has an antique feel, using wooden trim frequently to arrive at an Old World feel.

    AICO has an Office Systems Division which widens the scope of the Oppulente Collection to include a Credenza Hutch and Base, as well as a Desk and Glass Top. There are many other items in the Categories of Bedroom, Upholstery, Occasional Tables, Home Office, Entertainment, Accent Furniture, and Dining Room. Examples of the some of the category offerings are listed below:


    Queen Poster Bed, comprised of headboard, footboard, rails and wood slats

    California King Poster Bed,  comprised of headboard, footboard, rails, and wood slats

    Eastern King Poster Bed, comprised of headboard, footboard, rails and wood slats

    Bedside Chest

    Dresser and Dresser Mirror

    Swivel Lingerie Chest

    Chest, chest top, chest base

    Armoire, armoire top, armoire base

    Bedside Bench


    Channel Back Sofa



    Sweetheart Back Chair

    Leather/Fabric Wing Chair

    All Leather Foot Ottoman

    Occasional Tables

    Cocktail Table

    End Table

    Sofa Table

    Chair Side Table

    Home Office

    Credenza Hutch and Base

    Desk and Glass Top


    Audio Cabinet

    Entertainment Top with Doors

    Entertainment Base

    Cocktail Table

    Accent Furniture

    Fireplace and Marble Top  with or without

    Electric Fireplace Insert with Heater and Swing Doors

    Bar with Marble Top with or without


    Wall Bar top and base

    Dining Room

    Rectangular Dining Table

    and top and base

    Round Dining Table and Shaped Glass, scrolling, leaf carvings, pineapple center finial

    Side Chair

    Arm Chair

    China and Buffet

    China Top

    Sideboard Mirror


    Curio and top and base

    As you can deduce, every square foot of your home can fall under the influence of the Oppulente Collection. With this Collection, look for the creative use of a variety of upholstery designs, rich with gold, burgundy, black, and vine-wrapping light floral patterns. Through the use of these, the wood trim is accentuated, and once again, Amini arrives at a harmonious whole. Sink into a leather-backed high chair with matching ottoman and pillow in black. The Collection has interesting hardware that is continued throughout in miniature opulence.

    How does this compare to the other Amini Collections? Its details declare affluence. Its veneers, fabrics leap off the pieces to offer a final convincing effect. The Oppulente is a dark colored collection that will refine any environment.

  • Chicago Rooms' Furniture Set

    A Chicago rooms' furniture set can expand to include furniture accents and accessories.

    A furniture set  can be matching pieces, yet that is not a requirement for the definition. A furniture set can be determined by a commonality in design. Sometimes, furniture is referred to as a suite, pronounced suit. A set by its definition is a group of things that are included or related to each other. A set is not necessarily determined by the proximity in which the pieces are placed to one another. So pieces in a set can still maintain a connection as a set.

    If you go shopping for a furniture set, you may see several sets displayed side by side. Sometimes these sets are grouped according to room. Many stores try to recreate the look of a room by staging sets of furniture within the room. This way, the store is not only a store, but an environment that approximates the home. But it is not only retailers that are interested in presenting a furniture as a set.

    When you get all the pieces home, you will be looking for a way to make the furniture make sense in the space you have planned for it. This involves seeing the pieces as a set. Most likely, you will have pieces that comprise a set, and perhaps more a few more pieces that loosely relate to the set, such as a nightstand, or an end table.

    One question that will arise is: Is it good to break up a set? In most cases, no. But you may have situations in which you want to use some pieces from the set in another room. This is perfectly acceptable. This showcases the versatility of some sets. With most cases, however, sets will be best left together, so that their unity can be expressed as a strength.

    With purchasing a furniture set, you will come across different pricing structures. These pricing structures may even discount the set in relation to the individual prices. With Cheny Furniture's pricing structure, there is a discounted group price. Any piece that you purchase individually after the group price items, will also be calculated at a discounted price like the group price items. This could be different from a price for buying just an individual piece of the set.

    The items that fall outside the category of set are called accessories. Sometimes, they may be called accents. Other times these small appointments may be referred to details or elements, in a design sense. With modular sets, there is an actual connection between the pieces. These are highly popular in the flexibility that they give in creating a variety of configurations. These configurations create new sets. Not only does this give a new look to the room, configuring a set in a new manner may help with wear patterns, accessibility considerations, traffic flow in the room, or even allow for possibilities of putting a piece of the set in an area that was obstructed by a wall, an entrance, or some other fixture in the room.

    Manufacturers make sets to make the pieces in the set look like they belong to each other. Sometimes, they refer to the sets as a collection. Within a collection, there may be different models, offering leather, fabric, or color options. The term set is a fairly defined term. It refers to pieces in a manner that tell someone that this is all that is included.  The boundaries of a set are defined, but this does not mean that other things can compliment the set. If you had a dark cherry bedroom set, with matching dresser, chest, mirror, you may also find a picture frame that is dark cherry that works very well with the set. The picture frame may not be part of the set, but it has a quality, characteristic, or attribute that will go with the set nicely.

    In this respect, it is important to not confine your thinking to the strict limits of what a set is. You  may find pieces that break the rules, but somehow fit. You also may find that two or three furniture sets are too similar to each other, and it would then be important to mix up the set styles, so that you could bring some cohesiveness to each room.

    Furniture sets, because of their sometimes extreme size, also require some thought about transporting them. Opting for a delivery option may be the best route to go, but assembled pick-up can be the best if the furniture set is small.

  • Cheny Furniture's Checklist For Your First Apartment or Home

    Buying or renting your first home or apartment is an exciting time. It takes a lot of planning and packing. Cheny Furniture wants to help you with an essential list of what you may need for you home or apartment. We understand you may not need every item or may not have room for every item on this list. It is just a generalized list to help you plan out the furniture you will need for each room of your new place.


    [] Kitchen Table (1)

    [] Chairs (2-4)

    [] Rug (1)

    Dining Room

    [] Dining Table (1)

    [] Chairs (2-8)

    [] China Buffet or Hutch (1)

    [] Floor Lamp (1-2)


    [] Bed (choose size from twin, full, queen or king)

    [] Mattress (same size as bed)

    [] Night Table (1-2)

    [] Dresser (1-2)

    [] Wardrobe (1)

    [] Table Lamps (1-2)

    [] Rug (1-2)

    [] Hope Chest (1)

    [] Vanity Table (1)

    Office Area

    [] Desk (1)

    (office cont.)

    [] Chair (1)

    [] Book Case (1-2)

    [] Desk Lamp (1)

    []  Rug (1)

    [] Floor lamp (1)

    Living Room

    [] Sofa (1)

    [] Loveseat (1)

    [] Chair/Recliner (1-2)

    [] End Table (1-2)

    [] Coffee Table (1)

    [] Ottoman (1)

    [] Floor Lamp (1-2)

    [] Entertainment Center (1)

    [] Book Case (1-2)

    [] Display Case (1-2)

    [] Rug (1)

    [] Table Lamps (1-2)


    [] Vanity Table (1)

    [] Rug (1)

    [] Chair (1)

    [] Book Case (1-2)

    [] Desk Lamp (1)

    []  Rug (1)

    [] Floor lamp (1)

    Cheny Furniture hopes this gives you a rough idea of what you may need to furnish your home with. Please be sure to measure the dimensions of your rooms and walls where you would like to place furniture. This will help you to decide what will fit in your home/apartment. If you have any questions or would like to see our furniture please stop by our Libertyville store today or visit our website at


    The challenge with furniture is maintenance. A lot of it can be required if not done correctly.  When this happens, it is no longer maintenance that is the issue. It's called damage, deterioration, and destruction. Well, you do not want this to happen. And therein lies the problem. You know that furniture maintenance is an on-going demand of attention requiring consistency, vigilance, and a commitment to keeping your investment in good condition. The concept of preventative maintenance is the best approach to this challenge.


    This category of product requires special attention, not necessarily more after-the-fact maintenance, but more fore-thought on how to best protect its natural qualities, and this includes how the furniture will be treated in its normal course of use.. By using the recommended cleaners and agents on leather, by following manufacturer cleaning codes on upholstered goods, and by testing in inconspicuous places first, you can avoid a lot of headaches later. A leather such as Nubuck, a suede-like leather with a velvet feel and brushed appearance,  requires a bit more maintenance because of its napped surface. As it is a more expensive leather than lower-grain leathers, it is worth maintaining, such as vacuuming it once-a-week.


    These are products that are recommended by actual furniture makers. Individual products or a Guardsman Furniture Care Kit comprised of many of these products are available.

    Wood Polish Lemon Fresh Revitalizes Enhances Preserves
    Wood Polish Woodland Fresh Revitalizes Enhances Preserves
    Wood Polish Cream Protects against sun damage Enhances beauty of wood Preserves beauty of wood
    Scratch Cover Dark Woods Rejuvenates finishes on wood furniture
    Scratch Cover Light Woods

    Lemon Oil Lemon Revitalizes UV Sunblock Cleaning
    Dusting cloths Reusable Grabs dust
    Fabric Protector For fabric and upholstery Soils Spills stains
    Wood Cleaner Purifies Freshens
    Filler Sticks/ Touch-Up Markers Deep scratches Gouges Nail holes Touch ups
    Leather  Protector Protects by creating a shield Against aging Stains that cause damage
    Ink Remover Removes from leather/vinyl Ink erases Lipstick erases
    Stain Remover Fabric upholstery Tough stains When your fabric needs first aid
    Leather Protector Wipes Step 2 Protects from premature aging Damaging stains


    You will see the following terms on the Service Contract for Protection Plans, such as the 5-Yer Guardsman Gold Furniture Protection Plan.

    Odors Defects
    Scuffing Flaws in the fabric
    Pilling Punctures
    Fraying Storage damage
    Joints that loosen Moving damage
    Stains Delivery damage
    Cracking of leather or vinyl Installation damage
    Peeling of leather or vinyl Loss of foam
    Fading Repeated use
    Color Loss Grease
    Damage Blood
    Pet stains Tar
    Seam separation Permanent marker
    Body oil Food
    Agents from the outside environment : mud, dirt, the usual suspects Residue
    Activities that cause cuts, tears, rips, Blemishes and other minor scratches
    Ink Fingerprints
    Infestation Oily films
    Loss of resiliency of springs Beverages
    Odors Urine
    Scuffing Major scratches

    Now you see the many ways the condition of your furniture can be compromised. These are enough to give you nightmares. But with a little attention to the common aspect to these problems, you can discover that it has happened to others before that have had furniture, and that there are industry solutions and manufacturer suggested cleaning methods to address these problems. These are the approaches to really pay attention to so that you can avoid costly mistakes resulting from experimentation with other self-made solutions. One thing is for sure, most problems that require furniture maintenance start small and tend to worsen, accumulate,  without some preventative action.

    A Further Reading Idea:

    Bredenberg, Jeff (1999). Clean It Fast, Clean It Right: The Ultimate Guide to Making Absolutely Everything You Own Sparkle & Shine(New Ed ed.). Rodale Books. p. 544. ISBN 1-57954-019-8.

  • Why Cheny Furniture - 2

    Cheny Furniture offers great service and quality name brand furniture at very competitive rates. In order to ensure that our customers have a great shopping experience and to give them high quality furniture at amazing prices, we have to run a very professional and friendly store.


    Advertising is key to any business, because if can't get the word out to your  customers that we have great furniture, you  won't get very many customers and the customer may not find the right product to meet their needs. So, we at Cheny Furniture advertise on many social levels to reach the audiences, including our website and facebook. We know the internet has changed the way our customers shop, and search for items. We are right there on the cutting edge of bringing this knowledge to you through the internet and online marketing; making it easier for you to get to know our products even before you set foot in our door.

    Customer Service

    One of our top priorities at Cheny Furniture is offering great customer service,, we value our customers, their opinions and their ideas. Our staff is fully trained in product knowledge and professionalism. We build relationships with our customers and ensure their overall happiness in our products and services. The key to all of this is having a well trained staff, from our sales associates to our delivery personnel, we maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times within our store, the web and while taking calls from all over the United States.

    Quality Products

    In order to give our customers high quality furniture at amazing prices, we search the web, markets and other furniture stores so that we can give competitive, low pricing on high quality products. We, at Cheny Furniture, want  the best for our customers and doing our homework ensures that. We have researched all our products and prices, and continue to do so daily. If we don't have the lowest price, we will match any price. Cheny Furniture associates pride ourselves in having the best products at the most affordable rates.

    Great Service

    After our customer, picks out there furniture, now we have to order the product for pick up or delivery. Our Sales Associates and Warehouse Staff work hand in hand to make this process go smoothly. We decide if you can pick it up, have it, delivered, whether or not our customer needs assembly, and we work with you to get your new high quality furniture as fast and safely to your home. We consider all the options carefully with at Cheny Furniture and ensure your needs as the customer are met.

    In conclusion, Cheny Furniture is here for you, to help make your home comfortable and beautiful. We make furniture shopping painless and easy. Ensuring that we are one of the best Chicago furniture stores to shop. Stop by and check out Cheny furniture's showroom or visit us on the web at

  • Romantic Bedroom Furniture At Your Chicago Furniture Store

    Does your bedroom lack a certain charm? Do you want your room to have a more authentic and romantic feel? You need Romantic bedroom furniture from your local Chicago furniture store.

    A bedroom should be light, airy, and elegant in every way.  It should be a haven for sleep and romantic get-aways. So when choosing romantic bedroom furniture for your master bedroom you need to plan it out to every last detail. Don't worry though, your local Chicago furniture store will be there for you step by step as you find the perfect romantic bedroom furniture layout for your home.

    When you think of romantic bedroom furniture what comes to mind? I envision luscious silk fabrics, tufted button upholstered headboards, soft lighting, intrinsic ornamental furniture, and beautiful accent pieces. However you may want clean linear lines, plush bedding, and abstract accents. Whatever you choose for your romantic bedroom furniture start with a color scheme. This usually helps get the ideas rolling. Great color schemes can be silky off-whites and eggshell ivories mixed with illuminating gold tones and oranges, or tranquil sea-blues, subtle beiges and deep browns or saucy reds, striking silvers, and defining off-blacks. Choose three or four colors to highlight your romantic bedroom furniture with. Don't be afraid to go too bold or abstract. This is your room and you know best what makes for a romantic design. Keep your color scheme in mind when you go to your local Chicago furniture store.

    Next decide on the essential pieces of furniture you will need, and possible any extra pieces that you may want to have. Of course a luxurious bed is an essential piece of romantic bedroom furniture. However, a quaint bedroom bench may not, although you may want one. Decide on exactly what you want and where you want to put it before heading to your local Chicago furniture store to buy your romantic bedroom furniture. If you are clueless, no worries, let a sales associate from your Chicago furniture store give you ideas and layout designs.

    Once you have an idea in mind start research the furniture markets, especially your local Chicago furniture store for prices. Be sure to comparison shop for the best furniture prices for your romantic bedroom furniture. There are many different types of Chicago furniture stores including furniture warehouses, factory-direct furniture stores, furniture outlets, used furniture stores, recycled furniture stores, clearance furniture stores, back-stock furniture stores, furniture chains, furniture wholesalers and many other types. Be sure to find a Chicago furniture store that fits your needs and price range when buying your romantic bedroom furniture.

    Now that you have a plan in mind, and have researched the stores in your area, it's time to go shopping. Have fun with it. Shopping for romantic bedroom furniture is thrilling and can be an amazing experience if you enjoy it. And keep in mind that there are so many Chicago furniture stores, if you don't find what you want at one, keep on moving. You are sure to find the perfect romantic bedroom furniture for your inspiring bedroom if you stick with it. Don't settle for less than what you want. You will be happy you didn't!

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