Room Dividers

Room dividers are nice accent pieces that can also give you added privacy with in your home. They can be both decorative and functional. Cheny Furniture sells beautiful accent room dividers at great low bargains everyday from our esteemed manufacturers such as Acme and Coaster.


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The typical room divider is three to four panels and made of wood with light material covering it. They usually let some light through, yet are not transparent. This is great because you can have more privacy within your home if need be. Cheny Furniture is an outstanding online furniture store that sells top furniture brands at discounted furniture prices everyday. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest and best online furniture stores in the Chicago area! Stop by today to see our top of the line furniture. Or browse our website for awesome furniture deals!
A room divider can be the finishing touch that any room in your house needs. Commonly called screens, the Japanese are not the only ones that have cornered the market on room dividers. Whether you want to throw a towel or article of clothing over it or use it as a room divider, a screen can provide not only privacy, but can add a burst of decorative appeal to a living room, den, and bedroom. With this added element of surprise, a screen or room divider, can be not only functional by partitioning and creating divided areas in rooms, but it can be pretty to look at, often with scenes and designs on it, that add to the overall effect of the room.
Room dividers can be imported into a room without much disruption to the flow or space requirements of a room because they are so thin. They are many times foldable which increases their portability, for those moments when you need to move them. Check out the decorative options of room dividers at Cheny Furniture. From Old World paintings, to quaint artistic renderings, room dividers often add that gentle and relaxing presence to rooms, without looking like a duck out of water. Ask a salesperson to introduce you to the many fine room divider offerings in the catalogues of Coaster, ACME, and other fine furniture companies specializing in accessories.

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