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Enhance the overall appeal of your home with an elegant grandfather clock. A grandfather clock is a symbol of opulence and regality that can give any room in your home true definition. The gentle sounds and ticking of a grandfather clock can become one of your closet friends as you go about your day to day activities. At Cheny Furniture, a factory-direct, online furniture store we take immense pride in selling high-quality grandfather clocks and other amazing accents at extremely low prices. We carry only the best furniture manufacturer lines that are durable, beautiful and affordable to our customers. Choose from a clock from one of top brand names, such as Coaster and Acme. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary, or modern look Cheny Furniture has exactly what you are looking for at the best furniture bargains!


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If you grew up with a grandparent or parent who had a grandfather clock you know that the gentle ticking, and the charms at the top of the hour are sounds that are eagerly welcomed and bring a breath of serenity to any home. When deciding on a grandfather clock for your home, you have to decide on size, height, style, and the sounds it makes. The sounds are very important. You want a grandfather clock that you enjoy. Cheny Furniture store has many wonderful grandfather clocks for you to choose from. We offer the best furniture prices in the Chicago land area. Stop by our amazing online furniture store today or browse our website for amazing furniture prices!
Grandfather clocks have sentimental value and been the quintessential favorite underscoring family connections and generations, and have an unmatched level of memorable status attached to them. Just the chiming of them and the steady passage of time, can bring a host of memories to the mind. Their appeal is well, timeless. That is why, finding the right grandfather clock, for your home, is a task that Cheny Furniture can help you with. By bringing in vendors that manufacture the clocks with precision and heart-felt pride in their intricate workings, the fruits of that labor are translated to the satisfaction that you derive from the clocks meaning in your life.
Yes, the impress factor of a grandfather clock can wear off on your guests, but just think how much fun it is to have a grandfather clock that you can call your own, with the consistent loyalty equal to a dog, man's best friend. While a grandfather clock is an inanimate object, it has a long history of people having a special bond with them as a keepsake and as a symbol that time is precious. Cheny Furniture has fine grandfather clocks of all sizes from manufacturers like ACME and Howard Miller. Many customers are impressed with the level of quality of merchandise found at Cheny. After you visit Cheny, you will agree. For impressive quality and low prices, Cheny is the place to be!

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