Bar Units

When it comes to home entertaining nothing is more fun and practical then a bar unit. Whether you are hosting that big family event or a Sunday Night Football Game, we have something to meet your needs and personality. Cheny Furniture has several bar units for you to choose. As a great online furniture store, Cheny Furniture sells top quality furniture at the best prices around. Let us help you create the right hosting atmosphere in your home.


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First of all, what type of bar unit will work best for you? Bar units come in many styles and designs from the mini bar, hide-a-bar, bar cabinets, and bar sets. Cheny Furniture is here to help you create a great space for your entertaining and hosting needs with a high quality bar unit. Stop by our Libertyville store today and talk with one of our friendly sales associates. We are here to help you furnish your home with style and elegance. Also, be sure to check out our accents, wall art, rugs, and lamps to complete your entertaining room in style. Whether your are looking for something in formal dining or casual dining, Cheny Furniture has something to meet your needs. It's no wonder why we are one of the best online furniture stores around.
Bar units can make or break a room for entertaining. The trim, the accents, the bar's composition top, whether wood, marble, or Formica, all play a part in the enjoyment and pride you derive from one of life's little luxuries. Let Cheny Furniture find the bar unit that fits your lifestyle and your entertaining goals. After all, a bar is meant to pull people in, to gather, to socialize, and to share, like no other piece of furniture can. Whether it is an accent on the bar unit itself, or how the bar unit in its entirety acts as an accent, a bar goes a long way. Just as a fireplace or a game table creates that social intimacy in your home, bar units can do the same.
Cheny Furniture can help you find all three - bar units, game tables, and fireplaces. Let the accenting experts at Cheny introduce you to the many fine lines of units that can prompt you to install a bar in your home sooner than you were thinking. With the right dimensions, the right cabinet space, the right amount of height, a bar can provide many years of pleasure to your home environment. Yet, you do not find a bar on every street corner, when you want one. Come to Cheny Furniture, and page through its catalogs to find a bar that will house your fine liqueurs, fine wines, and fine beers for years to come. Howard Miller, Pulaski, Liberty, Riverside are just a few of the manufacturers with which to capture inspiration from in bringing a bar into your home.

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